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Getting to Rhinebeck

I realized after I put up my last post that I completely forgot to write about directions to Rhinebeck! So here are some fairly random but hopefully not altogether confusing thoughts:

The directions on the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival website are accurate and certainly will get you there. I would consider a few other options.

I-84 connects directly to the Taconic state parkway which is probably the fastest and most direct route from the east. If you've never been before you should know that this is a parkway in every sense (much like the Merrit in CT). If you are more comfortable with bigger highways, continue west on I-84 and follow the directions for the NY State Thruway. You'll have to pay tolls, but it might be worth the piece of mind.

Once exiting the Taconic, I would suggest staying on 199 (you have to go past Morehouse Merino and you should TOTALLY stop even though they are going to be at the Festival. The store is amazing and totally worth the time.) and making a left onto 9G south then a right on 9 south. Going through the other direction can be more problematic traffic wise.

One other thing to be aware of: On the return trip, the Taconic was closed just South of Poughkeepsie. I'm guessing this may be due to the flooding we've been having in the Northeast this week. I would definitely keep an eye on this as you get into the area. If it's still closed this weekend, it might be worth taking the NYS Thruway south to I-84 on the way back. There is a detour from the Taconic, but it could take awhile on the way back, especially if you are traveling after the festival ends on Sunday (foliage traffic going back to NYC).

I hope this all makes sense. I'd be happy to answer any questions about getting there. Just drop me an e-mail (link in the right sidebar) or leave a comment.

I'm so excited about the trip. I know at least two vendors that I am almost definitely getting stuff from and now that I have a job I'll actually have the money to pay it off. Does anyone know if the vendors take credit cards? And is there a total mad rush when the gates open or what?

Now all we have to do is hope the weather behaves....