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Goodbye Yale, Hello NY Public

(Warning: Absolutely no knitting or crocheting content contained in this post. Just general blathering about my currently bum mood. If these things are not of interest to you, click away now.)

It's been a rough day.

After over 27 years, I am no longer a NY State resident. That's right, after 2 trips to the DMV this morning, I now carry a CT driver's license. While this might not seem like a big deal to most people, I am one of those few in the world that moved from the hospital where I was born to my home with my parents and did not move again until I went off to college. I spent 4 years there before coming to this area 5 years ago. This is not something I have done or plan to do very often. This is not an easy thing for me. When I left the DMV the 2nd time, new license in hand, I cried.

Then I went to work. I went to work for the last time. I cleaned out my desk. I took all the sticky notes off my computer monitor. I cleaned off all my old files. I went through months of cataloging with my mentor/supervisor. And then I had to say goodbye to everyone and take all my stuff and go. And while I told myself I wasn't going to do it, I cried like a baby.

So Monday morning instead of going here:

I'll be going here:

I'm sad today, but I think I'll be excited on Monday.

I'm going to go console myself with pumpkin ice cream and knitting now....