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Of toilets and sock yarn

There is nothing quite like a toilet running water out the top of the tank to get your morning off to a great start. I guess the good news is it got me up and running and finishing this:

Yep. Sock number 1 of my fluted banisters is done. And not a moment too soon. Look how much yarn I had leftover:

I decided to make a minor modification. Instead of continuing the pattern down the instep I stopped and switched to all plain stockinette after the gusset was done. I didn't think I'd like all that bulk in a shoe anyway. I think that may have helped to save yarn.

Now I'm already thinking I want to start the next pair with this:

It's Trekking XXL that I picked up after my NYPL interview (yes there is an LYS right in the area! How dangerous is THAT gonna be?!?). So the burning question of the day:

What's the best way to split this into two balls, one for each sock?

I've tried doing this in the past and can't quite get it to come out even. Anyone with a brilliant solution out there?

And if you've used this yarn before, can a make a decent fabric with size 2s or do I really need to suck it up and get size 1s? It just seems so thin that I'm curious if 1s wouldn't be a better plan.

Next time there will be Sitcom photos. Promise.