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A quick little meme...

I'm doing this because I saw it in lots of other places and I thought it might be interesting.

Ten Years Ago: I was in my senior year of High School and the most important thing on my mind was whether or not I'd get into my first choice of college, which happened to be SUNY Fredonia. I was practicing the bassoon like a crazy girl and spending all my free time in the band room.

Five Years Ago: I was going through what was probably one of the worst months of my life. I started my first master's at Yale and 4 days later my grandmother died. I felt completely out of my element at school and couldn't figure out how or why they had let me in. New Haven scared the crap out of me (it was the "big city"), I missed my boyfriend who was living outside of Buffalo like crazy, and was so homesick and depressed I was going back to my parent's place in NY every weekend. One of my roommates was non-existant and the other was a complete asshole. And on top of everything, I hit a deer on my way back to CT from NY one night and smashed the front of my car. Things were definitely not going my way.

One Year Ago: I was starting my final research project and my next to last semester of my MLS. I was playing gigs on a fairly regular basis and hanging out with my new found Stitch 'n Bitch buddies whenever I could. And I was working at the library 15 hrs. a week and starting to do more original cataloging and authority work when I could.