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Dear blog...

How I miss you so! I miss your fun colors, your bright buttons, your progress bars, I miss everything about you! You see, this Full Time Job thing has really made it difficult for me to visit you. "Excuses, excuses" I hear you mutter, but it's true! Dear, dear blog. If only I could make you understand. If only you could see that someone like me who Doesn't Do Mornings is having such a hard time with the 5am Wakeup Call. If only you could understand that the Five Hours Of Commuting per day keeps me from updating you more regularly because it forces me to do things like knit or sleep. If only you could understand that the Staring At A Computer All Day makes it nearly impossible for my eyes to take much more when I finally do arrive home. "What about That Boy?" I hear you say. Yes. It's true. That Boy does take up considerable time in my life. That Boy is also moving to the far off land of New Jersey next week. But my time with That Boy doesn't keep me away from you as much as the Full Time Job does. That Boy thinks you are very cool. Can't you understand that dear blog? I do miss you. And I miss your other blog friends out there. How terrible it is that I am relegated to reading but not commenting? And even then, at times, I cannot read at all! Terrible I say. Most terrible.

But there are plans dear blog. Big plans. There are plans in the works that will hopefully bring us together much more often. Plans that will allow me to visit you and your friends more often. Plans that involve this.

Please don't give up on me just yet, dear blog. While it is difficult for us to be together now, The Plan may make things much better real soon. Hang in there dear blog. Don't give up on me just yet.

With much love,

Your owner

P.S. Please wish all our friends in blogland a Happy Thanksgiving.

P.P.S. Yes, I do believe the turkey has gone to my head....