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A boy and his scarf are soon parted...

Sometime ago you may remember that I was knitting a scarf for a certain boy that tends to hang around these parts quite often. We affectionately refer to him at chez Zarzuela as "He Who Juggles Fire" or HWJF for short (in real life we call him such boring and innocuous things as "boyfriend" and other sappy sweet things I won't sicken you with). You might also remember that when said scarf was gifted, it was well received but said recipient refused to pose for a Finished Object shot for ye olde blog.

Alas, blackmail is a wonderful thing.

You see, the above named giftee has quite the high body temperature as compared to moi (which really isn't saying much since I'm always freezing...but I digress) and has therefore not seen much need to wear said scarf. However, said giftee has also been teased mercilessly at the hands of yours truly for not wearing said scarf after having requested it. After all, I knit the boy a scarf, he damn well better wear it right?

Well, as you may also remember, said giftee has been in the process of moving to the far off land of NJ. As anyone who has had to move might tell you, this involves a fair amount of chaos. Add to that car problems that involve leaving one car in Maine, taking a rental to NJ and then having to exchange the rental for the car in CT and you have all the makings of a real mess. Things are bound to get lost. But a hand knit scarf, that is something one would guard with one's very life, no?!

During one of the above mentioned merciless teasing sessions mentioned above, it was somehow conveyed that the scarf *may* have ended up back in Maine somehow and HWJF was slightly concerned that his parents *may* have thought it belonged to someone else.


The knitter of said scarf (that being me) was a bit pissed off, worried, freeked out, generally crazed, disturbed about this possibility.

And then I found it. Wrapped up in a polar fleece that he left on a chair in my apartment.

Payback's a bitch and so am I.

I got my F.O. picture. Even if it took a little spiked hot cider and a major guilt trip.

Thanks sweetie! What do you want me to knit you next? ;-D