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Dear Santa....

A transit strike is not exactly what anyone who lives or works in NYC had in mind for Christmas. Really. Now I know you don't exactly have control over these things, and I do kind of like the fact that this all means I get to go to the train station in the daylight for a change, but really. A transit strike a Christmas? With all the procrastinators trying to finish their shopping *and* get to work? Not a good plan. If you could do something to fix all that, I think there would be a lot of happy people. Just sayin'.

While it seems to be all transit strike all the time around here these days (although I'm now hearing that it may be over tomorrow), Christmas is still coming and I've even had a little Christmas a little bit early.

Many moons ago my dear friend Sami and I said we were going to try to learn Fair Isle with headband kits from Bea Ellis Knitwear. Never exactly happened although we had all good intentions. Guess what I got the other day from Sami...

I'm so excited about this! I think it will be the perfect size project for taking a first stab at this technique. Thanks so much Sami!

HWJF and I decided to have our own Christmas celebration this weekend since we won't be able to be together for the real thing (he's flying to Maine, I'll be in NY). Apparently he has learned my addictions real well in the past few months. First, I have this little thing for candles. So you better believed I loved finding this:

Note that it's a mistletoe candle. Enough said. :-)

Even more exciting, while driving around Princeton the other night I happened to totally freek out notice the local yarn shop. I guess my interest was obvious:

A gift certificate and a trip into Princeton later got me this:

Who doesn't need more sock yarn right? I got two skeins of Lorna's Laces because I've never tried any and I've been dying to. The Regia is for socks for HWJF, because, afterall, when someone feeds your yarn habit and waits around a yarn shop while you drool and try to decide what to get, you have to make sure they have a reason to continue to do so, right?

I'm also on a bit of a mission with this. He hates socks. Hates them. But he's never had a pair of hand knit socks, so I might just be able to change his mind. Then again, I could be getting myself in a whole lot of trouble (not like I'm not already in hot water after the last blog post)... but I've been in worse trouble before. We'll see what happens.

I think HWJF enjoyed his presents too, which included a pair of mittens very similar to the ones I posted pictures of recently. So much so that he thought they were the same ones!

So now I've gone back to knitting things for myself that I've been wanting to finish up now that the holiday stuff is done. Hopefully I'll get to show them to you soon. For now though I want to wish everyone in Blogland a very Happy Holiday, whichever one you might celebrate, since I may not get to post again before then. Wish me luck getting to my parent's house on Friday and surviving the annual family sojourn to Long Island! I'm just looking forward to the long weekend...