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Getting in the spirit....

It's finally Saturday! I have been looking forward to this day all week? Why? Number 1 - I was able to sleep past 5am. Number 2 - I finally get to blog! It's seems like every time I try to get something up on the blog lately, something else gets in the way.

Anyway, obviously, life has been busy. I've been staying at work late a lot to make up time that I've lost from leaving early for gigs, or the one day that I had to call in sick and didn't have enough sick time to cover it. As of yesterday I've finally broken even, so I will hopefully be able to get back on a normal schedule for a while at least.

In the meantime, I've been trying to get into the holiday spirit. We had a significant snowfall in the tri-state area yesterday which made getting to the train station a bit interesting. Good thing I lived near Buffalo for four years and I've had some experience dealing with this weather. Good thing I also have a four wheel drive vehicle because they didn't even have the roads plowed at 6am and when I got back after my rehearsal at 10:30pm last night my parking space wasn't even shoveled? And why am I paying as much as I am for rent? Good question.

The snow does make it seem like the fact that Christmas is fast approaching is *right* though. 70 degree weather does not make one believe that they have to do Christmas shopping when they live in the Northeast afterall. The other thing that really gets one's ass in gear is realizing that you are going to a holiday party on Monday and two of the gifts that you want to give aren't finished and this may be your only chance to see the people you want to give them to before Christmas! So last Saturday after running around like a proverbial headless chicken I managed to finish up these:

The green one was gifted after said Christmas party on Monday and was very well received. Nothing like a happy giftee to get one in the Christmas spirit.

There are also signs of the season all around where I work. Mind you, most of them have been up since before Thanksgiving, but now at least they feel like they are warranted. And since I have nothing better to post want to share them with you, I hauled my stone-aged digital camera into work one day and took some pics. My office is right around the corner from Lord and Taylor on 5th ave. and they have some really beautiful windows this year. They are all based on a fairytale theme. Over the entrance is a huge wreath:

And on the way into the store we have Rapunzel:

Isn't she just stunning? I had to take the pic mostly because of the awesome old fashioned music stand (which I later realized was mostly obscured by the flash (grr....).

Outside the sidewalk is lined with scenes like this:

I was Goldilocks in a pre-school production so I had to take that shot.

But the coolest one of all for those of us who love Knitblog land has to be this:

Isn't she awesome?! The wheel actually spins around and everything! Lord and Taylor must know that spinning is very *in* this year. :-) I must have been grinning ear to ear the first time I saw this window. And of course, the first thing I thought of was, "I need a pic for my blog!"

Grand Central is done up a bit too:

Kind of neat with the Chrysler building behind. The pictures aren't great because of it being nighttime, but you get the idea. The light show on the ceiling of the station just wasn't something I could get a good shot of, but if you get down there, definitely go take a peek.

And lest you think there isn't any holiday knitting going on here, check out my latest finished present:

Mitten knitting! (Say that three times fast!) This pair was made with Patons Canadiana (which I really enjoyed working with despite the fiber content) and this book. These are my very first pair of knitted mittens ever and my first contribution to the Warm Hands knitalong despite the fact that I joined it ages ago. I have more mitten knitting planned since I enjoyed it so much (and it makes for great train knitting) so stay tuned.

And in true holiday style, I have presents to wrap and more shopping to do so I'd better get to it! I wish you speedy holiday knitting in the coming weeks if you are doing it this year!