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Let the selfish knitting begin!

Now that the holidays are over, it's all me all the time! Well... not really... but I am finally getting back to a couple of things that I've been neglecting while I was working on things for others.

The morehouse cardi that Sami, Sneeksleep and I have been trucking along on finally has gone beyond increase hell:

It looks a little weird in that shot, but we've got sleevage!! Great mindless train knitting for sure for a while now. I have to finish up the 12-14 inches of body before I do the sleeves. The most interesting thing from this point out will probably be the button band and hoping that the thing fits after all this work!

The other thing I finally got back to over the Christmas break was this:

I'm still trying to figure out the new camera a bit.

Yep. That Samus. I'm still working on the body, obviously, but I'm nearly done. Does anyone else think it's silly to put stitches on waste yarn or holders when you can just leave them on circular and continue to knit? Or am I missing some very important thing about keeping stitches here?

Since neither of these is going to be done any time soon, my last FO of 2005 has turned out to be this:

HWJF admired my Coronet so much that he wanted one of his own in "boy colors" (whatever that means). If you are a long time reader you may remember that I made mine around this time last year. It was kind of interesting to find myself coming back to this pattern in a way I couldn't have imagined last year.

The yarn here is Knitpicks and Morehouse, the Morehouse being the lighter color that will go against the skin. I did the band in the Knitpicks because it was a bit scratchier and I felt would make a more sturdy band:

That yarn was leftover from his mittens. They I used the Morehouse to pick up the stitches on the band and knit the rest. That yarn was leftover from his scarf so I feel like I ended up bringing the trio together nicely. Funniest part is a still have leftover from both yarns even after finishing the hat! Not sure what else to do with it though...

No FO pic just yet. We have tickets to the NY Philharmonic tonight (Judy LeClair is playing the Weber Bassoon Concerto!) and I've been promised a pic with all three items then. :)

Must run for now. But...


and Fortitude (all decked out for the holidays. Aren't they cute?!) and I wish you all a very Healthy, Happy and Safe New Year!!