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Post Christmas wrap up

A very happy holiday was had by all around Chez Zarzuela this year. You might notice a difference in picture quality around here (once I get the hang of things) because of this:

I was so excited when I opened this. A new digital camera for me! You would understand just how awesome this is if you knew what the dinosaur I was using before was like. Functional, but not too slick. This sucker is SLICK! I absolutely love it and I've been making good use of it since the batteries were fully charged Christmas afternoon.

I made Mom and Dad pose with their knitted gifts:

And being the hambone he is, Dad had to imitate Mom's pose even if he did get socks:

My parent's cat Buster surveyed the situation from above:

He really doesn't have headlights for eyes. Really.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner which luckily did NOT involve a trip to the ER. Mom accidentally spilled some hot liquid on herself which could have seriously burned her if it hadn't been for the fact that she was able to tear off her pants and socks in a hurry. All turned out to be ok though and I think she managed to enjoy her dinner:

At least it sure looked like it to me!!

On the knitting front I managed to finish up a few "gifts" for myself. The first was that I was finally able to finish off and wear the socks I started making from Knitpicks Sock Landscape in Maine this summer:

I was getting really tired of stockinette so I decided to use a lace pattern from Queen Kahuna's book for the cuff. Here's a closeup:

And just in time for 40 degree weather, I finished my long awaited Thrummed Mittens:

These have quite a few mistakes ::cough:: design elements in them. Some of the thrums are not the same as the others, some of them don't line up, and the spacing of them just plain didn't turn out right thanks to me not accounting for the thumb gusset, but they will definitely keep my hands warm and toasty on those cold walks to the train station and that's all that matters to me.

There was also a bit of new project inspiration under the tree:

I'm already dying to make the Irish Diamond Shawl from the Folk Shawls book. I also love the designs in the other book, but will have to get myself into colorwork much more before I can attempt any of them.

And although she couldn't be with us on Christmas (somehow I don't think a howling kitty would be welcome in my office), Simba got to enjoy her Christmas presents too. There was this magnet:

(which almost made me die laughing) from my Dad's boss. And Simba's grandma gave her a new mouse which was loved immediately:

Nothing quite like a good catnip induced romp to celebrate the holidays!

I count myself very lucky this holiday. I have a job, my family and friends are healthy and safe, and I have a great guy in my life. What more could a girl ask for? I hope your holidays were just as great!