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Doublereed Day

What does it look like when you put about 60 bassoon players in one room? Something like this:

HWJF and I spent our Saturday at the UNH Doublereed Day. We had to get up pretty early to get there from CT and we had to drive through this:

And this:

What a ride! I was glad I didn't have to drive so I could work on this:

We were waiting for it to turn over to snow as we headed north but it never happened. Rain all day. In New Hampshire! Go figure!

When we arrived we had just enough time to register before the day started off with the bassoon band (in the first picture). This basically involved reading various bassoon quartets as a giant group. I was the only person who brought a contrabassoon (at HWJF's urging) except for someone from the school who played the school instrument. So I had a lot of fun honking away on the bottom parts and making sure the oboes (who were in a room below us) knew we were there! I really wish I knew how to put sound files on ye olde blog, because if you've never heard the sound of 60 bassoons and two contras playing together, you really should!

After the band there was time to look at the goodies the exhibitors brought with them. If you think knitters and crocheters have a lot of toys, you should see what bassoon players have! There were reeds and tools and instruments and music and just about everything else one could possibly need (or want). One of the major motivations for the two of us making the trip was that one of HWJF's students is getting ready to buy a bassoon before she goes off to college. The bassoon day gave her a chance to try some instruments with HWJF's supervision and showed her parents some of the options. While all this was going on I got to knit and take pictures.

Here's HWJF with the whole clan looking at a couple of instruments:

And then they got to play them together:

I felt very sorry for A's parents. I remember what we went through to buy my first good bassoon. There is a lot to think about for such a big investment. I think they definitely went away feeling like it was worth the ride and got some good information.

In the afternoon there was a lovely recital by the hosts of the day, followed by a master class with jazz bassoonist (yes, I said jazz) Michael Rabinowitz. 60 bassoonists learning to swing looks something like this:

If you haven't done it before (and even if you have) improvisation can be quite scary. There were a lot of brave people in this group who gave it a shot and some of them were quite good!

I got some serious inspiration for this year's bassoon camp from a CD HWJF got from one of the exhibitors. The Caliban Bassoon Quartet Christmas CD. And what was so exciting? They played the theme to "Hockey Night in Canada"!!!! I must find out if this is available for sale. I want to play it!!!

The drive back to CT wasn't so bad. The drive to NJ today on the other hand:

No I don't have the pictures reversed. What you might almost be able to see from these pics is SNOW! We woke up to snow and ice on the ground and a tricky drive out of CT! Luckily it cleared up by the time we got to NY and was clear for the rest of the way to NJ. What crazy weather!

It's ok though. I got to finish this:

One freekin' huge HWJF sock done, one to go!! :) He has already tried it on and inquired as to when the other might be done. I think I may have him liking socks sooner than later. :)

After finishing that sock, I went on to start sock number two. Now, I have never actually tried to make any of the socks I've knit in self striping yarn or variegated yarn match each other. Never seen to point. But given that these aren't for me and I'm trying to get someone to change their mind about socks with these, I figured I'd better give it a try.

Would you believe that I achieved this result the first time I cast on? Seriously. Even I am impressed with myself.

My goals for the rest of the weekend involve more sock knitting, watching the second Harry Potter movie tonight after HWJF gets out of work tonight, and more sock knitting on the train ride home tomorrow since I have the day off.

Life is good.