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I'm a little behind...

... but I just read that it's National Delurking Week!

I love this idea! We are all comment whores after all. So go leave lots of comments! I'm working on it myself... (Shh!! Don't tell the boss!)

In the meantime, do turn your attention to the two new knitalongs you'll find in the sidebar. Both being sock related. 2006 has been named the year of the sock! I love me some sock knitting and the happy feet to go with it, so I joined up for both of these knitalongs. As you can see I currently have 5 pairs of socks for myself, and I've decided to set myself a goal to double that this year. We'll see how close I get especially with these huge man feet to knit for now considering my busy schedule.

Expect a full knitting update this weekend including a finished scarf, sock progress (or not), possible sleevage and some serious bassooning thrown in. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!