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Mom's Scarf and HWJF's socks

Finally, I get to tell you about my first finished objects of 2006! I haven't gotten around to this for a while just because of the lack of pictures. But now I have (most of) the pics and I'm ready!

Incidentally, I've decided that I really need to keep better track of the specifics of some of my projects. Most people do this on their blogs, and I'm finding that it would be good to be able to go back and have a record of what I've done for certain projects that I might want to knit or crochet again, even if I want to make alterations the second time around. So here's the beginning of my attempts to keep this together a little better.

Mom's Scarf

Pattern: Morehouse Merino Ultrasoft Scarf (picture here)
Yarn: Patton's Canadiana
Amount: 2 balls
Needles: Size 8 Addi turbos

After making a pair of mittens for my Mom for Christmas, I had plenty of yarn leftover. I asked her what else I could make for her with it and she requested a scarf. I love this pattern because it is very simple but comes out look fabuolous and gives a good deal of warmth. The number of cast on stitches doesn't really matter so much as long as it's an even number. This is something I can definitely wip off at any time without too much thought.

HWJF's 1st socks!

Pattern: Basic toe up sock from Queen Kahuna's book
Yarn: Regia
Amount: 1 ball
Needles: Size 2 addi turbos
Techniques: Magic loop (1 at a time)
Time: Knit from 1/2/06-1/21/06

Happy Feet!! The verdict on these is overwhelmingly two thumbs up! It's been all I could do to keep him from wearing these before they were finished ("If I put the ball in my pocket and run the yarn down my pants leg, I could wear them today!"~ HWJF). And I got them to match! I couldn't believe how easy that ended up being (watch, I'll never be able to do it again!). Check out how much yarn I had leftover too:

A few other pictures to celebrate this triumph over self-striping yarn:

Next up: Trying to finish my Samus before the Olympics and something else I can't blog about for a few more weeks...