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Diary of a Super Secret Project. Part I.

Day 1

Yarn and needles finally come together. Long-tail cast-on. 30 stitches? That should do. Stockinette stitch. Time passes. Time to measure. 5 stitches to the inch. Perfect!! Swatch unravels. Check the pattern. This size. "Cast-on 110 stitches". Damn. Not enough tail. Try again. Ok. A little too much left over, but not bad.

Need an edging. Two by two? One by one? Yeah. That works. One by one. How many rows? Lets try four. That looks about right. That should do. Switch to stockinette. Purl on the wrong side. 4 rows done. 10 rows done.

End of day 1 - 1 ball done. 6 inches long.

Day 2

Stockinette stitch. Lots of stockinette stitch. Keep knitting. Got a deadline. Better make it fast. Keep reading and keep knitting. Oops. Better make sure to hide.

End of day 2 - 2nd ball nearly done. 14 inches long.

Day 3

Many more miles of stockinette. 14 inches. Now 14.5. Now 14.5 (wtf?!). Finally 16. BO 5 at the beginning of next two rows. BO 3 at the beginning of next two rows. Woops. Look at the time. Got to get home and hide.

Day 4
More stockinette. And more stockinette. Finally 10 inches. BO 8 at beginning of next two rows 3 times. Bind off the rest. Yes! Front done. On to the back.

To be continued....