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Many random things...

[Thanks to blogger being a complete putz, this post is being released long after it should have been. Thanks for reading it anyway.]

First, many thanks for all the nice comments about my first to FO's of the year. HWJF was particularly impressed with the sock comments. :) Hopefully there will be a few more FO's to share soon. But as usual, times flies at an astonishing pace these days. Here are many random things that will hopefully catch me up to the present.

1. Went to visit my parents in NY on Saturday [over a week ago now]. Had to wait until HWJF was done with work and drive to NJ to pick him up (no... NJ is not remotely in the same direction...it's complicated...don't ask). I had previously learned through the NJ SnB list that Treasure Island in HWJF's mall was going out of buisness and they had YARN! Despite my precarious financial situation of late, I had to take a peek. I should have ran when I saw only two people working checkout and a line almost to the back of the store, but I had time to kill so why not look. To make a long story short, I ended up with this:

I've been dying to get the sweater book and the yarn is for the bambino one of my college roommates will be birthing in just a few months. Best part, the entire purchase ended up being only $25 (and considering the book usually cost more than that alone, I think I done good).

2. Went to my parents house after this wonderful find. HWJF finally met my Dad (he'd already met my Mom). They got along just fine as I had expected. Breakfast Sunday morning consisted of French Toast and LOTS of bacon. All were happy. Returned to CT on Sunday night.

3. Went back to work on Monday. HWJF took the train back to NYC with me and then went on to NJ alone.

Things that have nothing to do with the first three.

4. I've started [now finished!!] a Super Secret project that you will find the progress of over in the sidebar. The project is keeping a journal. Yes, the project, not me. When it is closer to reveal time I will post the journal in two parts, maybe more. Stay tuned.

5. Found a new knitting podcast that I like so far. It's called About-Time (the link will take you to the website) and features interesting music and interviews. There have only been three episodes so far, but I've really enjoyed the last two (the first one was mostly Xmas stuff and it's a little late for that).

6. I've found that by going through either of these sites I can listen to podcasts at work (despite the fact that our computers are in some kind of downloading "lockdown". I don't have a clue what that means other than I can't change my preferences in the cataloging software which makes no freeking sense). Kind feels like I'm cheating by virtually knitting while I work. I love that.

7. Adam Curry is growing on me. I think it's because his podcast talks about alot of the geeky tech stuff behind podcasting. Otherwise I think he's kind of a self-serving twit.

8. I have resolved NOT to start my own podcast. My voice is weird and I just don't have time for one-more-thing.

9. I found a great website for Fair-Isle knitting instruction (that was mentioned in a podcast...wish I could remember which one) that has a video of someone actually DOING it several different ways. Definitely check it out if you decided to join the Fair Isle team for the knitting olympics. This, unfortunately, has been my only "training" so far. I hope to resolve that soon (must finish the Super Secret Project and Samus first!).

10. There is apparently now a Connecticut Team for the knitting olympics! Go over to to Marla's blog to get your button if you're interested!

That's it for now. I've got thoughts of a poll and a contest in the pipeline coming soon [if blogger doesn't f(@#%*% eat my posts again]. Talk amongst yourselves...