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Announcing for the first time ever on Zarzuela knits and crochets...


A contest!

That's right. In honor of my birthday month and the coming of spring I'm having a little blog contest where you could win (say it with me now) a fabulous prize! So what is my contest called?


Ok. Seems weird. But here's the deal.

I've been at my job for almost 5 months now and my cube is BOR-ING. Take a look:


Right side

Left side

Rather ho-hum, I'm sure you would agree. The thing is, some of the papers that are hanging there I need easy access to. I do have a few pictures under the shelf on the right, but that's about all I have as far as "decor".

So what do I need from you? Ideas! Inspiration! H-E-L-P!!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Take a picture of your desk. (Yes. this is somewhat cruel, I know, but think of it as "spring cleaning" motivation.) Now when I say "desk" you don't need to take it too literally. I generally mean your workspace, whatever it may be. So say you are a stay at home Mom and your "office" is the livingroom where you keep the kids stuff organized in some fab way that I can apply to my situation. Send it in!! This is an equal opportunity contest and not limited to those of us chained to a computer all day. Be creative!

2. Tell me about some of your best decorating/organization tricks in your space that you think might help me out.

3. E-mail me at my contest address with your picture and description no later than midnight EST on March 31st. Be sure to include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win.

I will use a random number genorator to pick the winning entry on April 1st. I will then notify the winner who will have 24 hours to respond and "claim" their prize by sending me their mailing address. If the first winner does not respond in time I will continue to chose a winner in this manner until I get a winner.

So what's in it for you? How about this:

A veritable grab bag of goodies. Two balls of sinsation in black that will make a sinfully soft scarf; 4 balls of Katia Venecia, two blue, two red; a full skein of Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint (already in a ball because I did start to knit something with it but I just didn't like how it was working out, but it is still good as new I assure you) and probably a few other goodies I'll throw in before I mail it off. Now tell me, that isn't a bad haul considering what you have to do for it now is it?!

A few ideas of things I would love to hear about:

What kind of plants would surive in conditions where there is absolutely no natural light (we don't have any windows in my office at all)?

What can I do with all those papers that I need quick access to?

What creative ways can I use to put pictures up of friends and family (I have some pinned under the shelf to the right now but it isn't too attractive)?

How can I bring some color into this space?

How can I incorporate my knitting and crocheting into this space?

How can I do all this and more without breaking the bank?

There are some ideas. Now it's time for you to get going and send in your entry now!