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File under wtf?!


Today I saw this description of contabassoon tone in a book I was cataloging on computer music composition:

"flatulent-sounding tone"

Excuse me?! Yeah we do tend to fart around on the low end of things but it doesn't always sound like that! Geez...

They recently posted some interesting signs in the bathroom stalls at my office. Laminated and professionally printed signs. What do they say?


Be considerate of other users.
Please FLUSH the toilet after use..
Thank you for your cooperation.

Seriously. On company letterhead and everything. Whoever thinks this is an absolutly retarded waste of money when they can't seem to pay us even close to what we're worth please raise your hand. Yeah. Me too. And those of you who work in library land, is it just me or does this wreak of library-ease?! "Users"? This is not the OPAC we're talking about here people. It's the toilet! WTF!!