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I got to meet Lolly!

I'm dying to tell you all about last weekend's festivities, but I'm having picture issues at the moment (i.e. The computer with the card reader is in NJ and I am not).
In the meantime, you can get Mondays part of the story over at Lolly's blog. She was in NYC and we got to hang out for a bit after I got out of work (I'm still laughing at being called a *real* librarian. It still doesn't quite feel like it to me!). Let me just say that Lolly is just as sweet and cool as she sounds on her blog. We had a million things to talk about and not enough time! Meeting her has really inspired me to keep on blogging (I've been considering giving it up lately or just posting my FOs or something). Our meeting just reminded me that craft blogging really is a community and there are so many wonderful people out there to interact with. I may not get many comments or hits to my blog, but the people that I do interact with really are cool and special and I don't want to give that up!
So go check out Lolly's trip to NYC and hopefully I'll have a new post up with this past weekend's adventures by Thursday. Hope you are having a great, craft filled week too!