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Crazy weekend


Panera blogging time again (after two attempts to get into any Panera in the area and get a table much less a place with a plug!). In this addition we have several highlights:

1. HWJF and I went to NY on Friday night to visit my parents and celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. I still can't even believe I just typed that number. Wasn't it yesterday that we were talking about him turning 50? Unreal. We arrived around 10:30pm Friday night after a full day of work for both of us.

2. 7am Saturday morning the roof came off the house. On purpose. My parents have needed to have their house re-roofed for some time and Saturday was finally the day. I managed to sleep until 8, HWJF an hour later than that.

3. It suddenly became obvious that since I was home I needed to go see my accountant and get things with my taxes finalized. So Dad drove, I knit, HWJF accompanied and we went off to take care of that. Got everything signed and my CT return ready to mail. Walked to the post office to find that it was already closed. But the good news is, I'm getting money back!!!

4. A trip to the big city (tongue firmly placed in cheek there) means Dad must go to the hunting store which means I must go to the yarn store. Yes, I took two boys to a yarn store. Nearly ran screaming after 20 min. ("Aren't you going to buy something?!" - Dad) but managed to leave with more sock yarn. I am a pro apparently.

5. Being dragged to the hunting store meant seeing the best in "cabin decor":

At least one can only hope that is what that kind of furniture is for. Of course, I don't think you'd find that in my cabin if I had one, but to each their own right?

6. After a nice dinner where I saw this in the menu and had to post it for Lolly (quality sucks but it was dark and I took it with the Treo):

(it says Lolly Sour Apple Martini!)

we returned to NJ at midnight Sunday night only to get up this morning and run to the new apartment complex to sign our lease. It's official. We are definitely shacking up.

Somewhere throughout all this I managed to finished another pair of socks, the back of the Knitpicks Aran and get started on the front. I also managed to not take a picture of the finished back to show on the blog.

I think I need to go back to work so I can relax...