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The Harlot effect....


The chart above represents my site hits for this week. You will notice a rather high spike there on the day that Stephanie kindly put my face and a link to my blog on her blog. Holy crap! I usually get around 50 hits a day and I ended up with about 450! Marla was the first to alert me of what had happened and the next thing I knew my inbox was bursting with e-mail and comments! It was really amazing. I don't know if that came from the bit about comments at the end of that Tuesday night post or what, but y'all truly outdid yourselves. And I gotta tell ya, if felt really good to know someone was out there. HWJF (for those who are new here, that stands for "He who juggles Fire" and refers to my boyfriend) says it was the hoochie mama pic, but I tend to think not.

The end result of all this exposure is a feeling as though I need to stand on my head and do something really entertaining. After all, a link like that from someone with such a following is not to be taken lightly (dude, she has over 3,900 bloglines subscribers!). But then I realized, I am me, this is my blog and while it makes me really happy to know you are all out there and reading, that doesn't mean I should change what I've been doing per se. What it really does confirm however, is what I wrote about the other night. It's all about the people! Because of that one little link, I got an e-mail from another music librarian I met at a conference over a year ago and a comment from another Jessica who is also a knitter and a bassoonist! How cool is that? Add to that all the new blogs I have to go have a look at and I just think this whole blogging thing is pretty darn cool.

On to other things....

The Sabres.

I jinxed them. They lost last night and I will not discuss them further until the end of the series. I obviously can't go to SnB and leave them alone for a single night. You all will know where to find me tomorrow night at 7pm. Enough said.

Knitting Emergency Solved!

The nice people at the Yarn Connection made a bit of cash off me yesterday with this:

The color is better represented in the second pic but still not as stunning as it is in person.

I just fell in love with this colorway of Trekking and it fit the bill for an emergency deterrent. The needles, not so much. I didn't want to fork over the cash for addis and I had it in my head that I needed size 3s so I went with these. I managed to get through the ribbing on a jaywalker before I got to SnB where Lauren was kind enough to take me over to her apartment to borrow addis (and see the stash closet. Holy Alchemy Battman!). So I ripped and cast on again only to figure out tonight that I somehow botched the stitch count. Hence the state of the ball in the pic. However, the lesson has been learned. I will never be without a sock in progress again! (Yesterday South Park, today Gone with the Wind. Yeah. I got culture.)

New Webring!

I nearly forgot to include this little bit again. I got the harebrained idea to start a new webring recently and I finally got it set up. So if you are a musician who knits or crochets, go check out the webring blog or tell your musician friends to go check it out. It's getting lonely over there!

Finished object

Yes. There is one. You'll have to wait for pictures and a description though. She needs a bath before her blog debut. Can't have an unbathed finished object parading around on the blog after the hoochie mama shot. People might start to get the wrong idea about what goes on here.

TGIF tomorrow. I'm off to bed!