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If only I could wear crop tops to work....

This will be the post of updates. There are just so many things I want to tell you!

1. I have finally recovered from the yarn frenzy this Saturday. I was seriously camped out on the couch all day Sunday with what seemed like it might become another nasty head cold. I even opted out of going back to NJ with HWJF. It must have been the wool fumes or something. I'm doing ok now though. I'm trying to fortify my strength for this coming Saturday. (Did I really just type that?)

2. I'm almost afraid to say this as I might jinx them, but my Sabres are so kicking serious Philly ass!!! And for those of you who have been waiting, here is the stuffed Zamboni:

Now if I could only find my Sabretooth...

3. There is a new poll in the sidebar on the left. Go vote!

4. Blue Gable is cranking along. I seem to be in the frame of mind to only knit mindless stockinette in the round. Now if I liked my tummy hanging out:

I'd totally be done. But I don't. And I think that would seriously be against the dress code at work ("Yes boss? This? Oh its just my hoochie-mama music cataloger outfit. I thought if the people on the CDs I catalog get to dress like that I should too! You like?"). So I guess I'll keep going for a bit longer. The sleeve from hell will just have to wait (we will just ignore the fact that May 1st is next week and my bassoon camp deadline is not long after that. De-nile. She is a long river baby).

6. I did a Project Spectrum album update over the weekend (links in the right sidebar). Go check it out and let me know which shots are your favorites. April is almost over!

7. A few words about comments. I listened to Chub Creek #54 (go check out the podcast if you haven't yet. They are quite musically talented, very creative and downright hilarious) this afternoon at work and Dave said some very interesting things about comments. He quoted someone else as saying "Comments and e-mails are the currency for podcasters". He went on to say how podcasting without the feedback was like talking into a void. This really struck me and not only got me to go leave them a comment, but definitely made me consider that the same is true for blogging. Many people will say that they only do this for themselves, or they just want to have a record of their projects. Sure. Ok. I'll buy that to a point. But if you really wanted something like that you could go buy a paper journal, write in it and never let anyone else see it. When you post something on the internet, you are putting it out there for public consumption, like it or not. And that is what makes this medium so cool! Dave's words really touched me and made me think about the fact that although we are using technological means to communicate, it really is the human factor that makes this blogging (or podcasting) thing so much fun. I immediately think of all of you that I get to interact with that I may never have met otherwise if it weren't for blogging. The miles between us don't matter. We can share our triumphs and failures and can learn from each other and we don't have to live next door to each other. Despite the computer as intermediary, the human factor is really what is important. I just thought it was a nice little reminder of what the lady on the right side bar says. It won't kill me to comment, and I think I'll try and remember to do so more often.

Now go leave lots of bloggers and podcasters comments! They'll be happy and so will you!