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Knitting emergency!


Knitting emergency!
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The Harlot was right (howdy to y'all that are popping over here from her blog by the way! I'm giddy beyond belief. I just keep hearing Eric Cartman in my head right now, "Dude, I'm like *totally* famous.") It can happen. I am in the midst of a knitting emergency. That's right. A knitting emergency.

How did this happen? Quite simply.

I am a bonehead.

I am so close to finishing my blue gable and what do I leave the house without today? Three things:

#1. A tape measure.

#2. The pattern.

#3. (Wait for it) Size 4 needles to finish it with.

Clearly I have not recovered from the wool fumes as well as I had hoped.

Now part of the problem was solved by getting to work. Catalogers always have a ruler. But this has only confounded my emergency further by convincing me that I am *probably* at the point where I can do the final ribbing. Probably. Not so good if you want to wear the thing!

So I'm stuck. But here is the worst part... I'm planning on going to Stitch 'n Bitch tonight! I can't go to Stitch 'n Bitch without anything to knit! What would my contribution be to the knitting universe if I went without knitting?!?! Clearly something must be done.

I'm on 40th and there is a knitting shop with addis and sock yarn on 36th. My 30 min. break this afternoon must involve an emergency trip to the knitting shop right? I mean, Webs trip be damned, CT Sheep and Wool be damned, I need knitting and I need it now!

Besides, I saw these guys at lunch. (I.E. Users click to see the pic)

(Insert blues brothers voice here)

I'm on a mission from gad. Must have yarn.