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Poll results and some fun stuff...


So I didn't get to post on Sunday as I had planned thanks to some fun stuff (which I'll get to in a second) and some not so fun stuff (an unexpected trip to the doctor...nothing serious!). But first, the poll results!!

The overall winner with 45% of the vote was "The writing is witty and entertaining". A six way tie for second was between " I know the writer personally", " The writer shares many of my same interests besides knitting/crocheting", " The writer uses a lot of pictures to illustrate what they write about", "The entries are short", "I was brainwashed and can. not. resist. (my personal fav.)", and "Ummm... I dunno. I never really thought about it". Receiving no votes were "The entries are long", "The graphic design...", "the writer turns out a million finished objects".

I think these results are really interesting. Overall it appears that entertainment value is pretty high. That makes sense. I mean, if we wanted to read something boring we could get out some old textbooks and read those right? We are generally hobbyists in the knit/crochet blog world and entertainment is basically the name of the game. The second place entries are pretty varied. I was actually surprised that knowing the writer personally didn't carry more weight. Perhaps part of the attraction of the blog world is "meeting" new people? I also found it pretty interesting that a brief entry length seems to be preferred. We want to be entertained, but not too long by one person! Then again this isn't all that surprising if you look at most people's collection of bloglines feeds! Short entries make it easier to read more in the short time we all seem to have for anything in this age of instantaneous communication. This is something I'm really going to try and keep in mind as I move forward with my blogging. I think perhaps the most interesting thing to me about the poll was the fact that graphic design didn't get any votes. I know I spend a lot of time thinking about how my blog looks and where items are placed and apparently that probably matters more to me than my readers! Who knew?

In the end, several of you left comments alluding to the fact that you don't read all blogs for the same reason and you would have picked more than one answer in the poll if you could have. I totally agree with this. My aim in posting the poll was to try and determine what might be the most important reason overall that you go back to certain blogs over and over. I certainly learned a few things from it and I hope you did too!

[Edited later to add: I'm probably the last blogger on earth to do this, but the poll has been replaced by a Fraper map. I'd love it if you'd take a min. to go stick your pin in it! Thanks!]

So my fun thing on Sunday was getting together with Sami to check off another place on my list of "things to do before I leave CT". That would be Oolongs:

I just love this place. Their house decaf chai is awesome. It's a tiny little place with only a few tables and chairs inside, but the tea and the little water fountain they have in the seating area (not to mention the cleanest public bathroom in all of New Haven!) definitely make it worth the trip. A great place to knit a little and catch up with a friend, which made for a lovely Sunday afternoon. If you are in the area, do check it out!

A couple of more quick things. I have a posting on the destash blog.

If you haven't heard about this yet, do check it out. And please have a look at my post while you're there. I have a mixed lot of Lion Brand yarns that I'm looking to unload (the pre-moving purge has begun!). Some of them might be good for charity projects if you do that type of knitting/crocheting.

The flickr problem that I.E. users seem to be having as I asked about in my last post has not yet been resolved. I e-mailed flickr to see if there is a fix and I'm waiting to hear back. In the meantime, if you click on the empty space where the pic should be you will be taken to the flickr page and be able to see it and leave a comment there if you'd like. I'm hoping I'll find out what the problem is with this real soon. If you have had this problem and know a solution, please let me know!

And finally, anyone planning on going to see the Yarn Harlot at Webs on April 22nd? I have tentative plans to be there and would love to meet some of you if time allows. Leave a comment and let me know.

Have a great evening!