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We have a winner!!!

Congrats to Noricum who was selected by the random number generator as the winner of my little desk contest!!! I should have your package off to you as soon as I can find a box. I hope you enjoy it. :)

I got some great ideas from Andrea and the other entrants to the contest so here is a quick summary:

For the cube:
- Put quick access papers in a binder and leave close by. Use post it or homemade tabs to label for easy access.

- Use fabric to "wallpaper" the cube walls. Put up with tacks or staples and then post other items over top.

- Put photos in a rolodex type display.

- Use a screensaver for photos.

- One picture showed a collection of stuff teddy bears that was nicely displayed. Another type of collection could certainly be substituted (I know where the stuffed zamboni is going now!)

- Use inspirational photos or sayings in one dedicated section of the space

- Use a collage technique for photos and replace when outdated

- (If you have them) Display drawings made by kids

- Knit a long scarf in a cool color and hang it along the top like a swag.

- Use a knitted throw or sweater instead of the jacket you have over the back of the chair. (I read that and thought "DUH! Why didn't I think of that?!")

Plants to try:

- Money plant
- Spider plant
- Use a picture instead of a real plant!
- Take a look at www.lexingtongardens.com for suggestions.

Thank you again for all the great suggestions. I can't wait to start incorporating the ones that I can into my space. You've definitely given me some inspiration! I'll be sure to share another photo when I finish redecorating! :)

And speaking of that, I've already kind of gotten started. You see, I'm starting to build a list of "things I must do before I leave CT" and I got to check two off today. The first was a visit to the Fabric Place:

[Kitty included for scale. Well... not really... She's just nosey... and oh so photogenic.]

See the blue material? Cube wallpaper baby! For less than $5.00 too! And of course there are a couple of other things. Some blue Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for a spring top, and four skeins of Malabrigio (I have finally succumbed to the siren call of this yarn) for the cardigan in the Reynolds pattern. They had a sample knit up in the store in the Malabrigio instead of the lopi that the pattern calls for and I just fell in love. And I even got it in red! I must have really been delirious...

And my second stop:

A new season, a new do. I'll miss my hairdresser. (And can I just say Yay! It's finally shrug weather!)

Tomorrow I'll visit another favorite local place and tell you about the final results of my blog poll. So if you haven't voted, go do it now! See you then!