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The big event of the weekend...


The big event of the weekend...
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So in case you haven't figured it out already from the picture (I.E. Users click the empty area to see the pic) the big event this weekend was HWJF'S move to our new apartment (I don't move in until July 1st although HWJF and I will be taking my stuff down there slowly over the coming weeks). Believe it or not, we picked up the truck at 8:30 Saturday morning and had it back by 2:30 the same day. Talk about tired and sore! But we did it.

The new place is great. There is a pond behind our building which is inhabited by ducks and geese (which was quite the entertainment on a number of occasions) and the complex is surrounded by a golf course so it is nice and quiet. The apartment itself, except for a few minor problems is awesome. So nice to have an extra full bathroom and the extra space. The appliances seem to be very new too so that was lucky. Overall we are both very happy.

I'm the one that will be going through the biggest adjustment at this point. After this weekend things have suddenly gotten very 'real'. When I think about the fact that soon I won't be going back to CT at all, I get very sad, while at the same time I'm very excited about all the good things (like having HWJF in the same state, extra money, less commute) this move will bring. For now I am going to try and concentrate on packing for bassoon camp and packing up my apartment. I can worry about adjusting to a new place later, right?