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Blue Gable

Green Blue Gable

Pattern: Green Gable from Zephyr Style
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color Blue Paradise. Less than three skeins.
Needles: Addi turbos in size 6 and 4.
Knit: April 19-27, 2006
Modifications: I lengthened the body slightly and added six extra rows to the sleeves before the ribbing.

Although I'm not happy with the picture, I am happy with the finished object. I really enjoyed this quick, painless knit with the result being a cute top that I can certainly wear to work. I had to lengthen the body as usual (have I mentioned I'm nearly 6 feet tall?) and I put a little extra length in the sleeves since I'm not a big fan of real short cap sleeves. After reading posts on the KAL today I found out that the initial cast on was supposed to be backward loop to make more of a boatneck. I'm fairly sure that I used my usual long tail cast on and while the neck isn't as open as it could have been, I'm just fine with the result.

I really loved working with this yarn. Despite reporting to you all that the first skein had 3 knots, the last two were knot free. I'll take this to mean that first skein was the exception and not the rule, so I would definitely knit something else with this yarn in the future. I bought 4 skeins without a definite project in mind and I ended up with a fair amount of the third skein and all of the forth skein leftover. Any ideas for what I can do with the leftovers?

If you plan on using this yarn with more than one color together in a project, definitely pay attention to the warning on the label. It did loose a lot of color in the wash and might cause a problem when using more than one color (in this case, check out the sink turned toilet bowl effect here).

I think I might consider making a long sleeved version of this at some point. Might make a nice fall top. The only other thing I might have done would have been to make the waist decreases a little earlier and then add some increases for the hips.

Definitely a great pattern and a fun knit. Go get yourself one!