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Frog pond


Frog pond
Originally uploaded by Zarzuelaknits.
Believe it or not, I do still knit. I even have another F.O. to show but I can't make it happen until the 'puter gets back from NJ. In the meantime the lastest HWJF sock went to the frog pond this weekend. It was too big, the increases were all wonky... in a word, it was just wrong (perhaps we should be afraid that I am hosting a sock along?). So Monday night I gave it another shot and the pic shows it in its current state of "much better"-ness (I.E. users click the empty space to see).

In the meantime, besides this project I'm having a hard time deciding what to bring with me on vacation. The lacey loop will probably not be done so that will go. I actually do have a green project spectrum knit (that I hope to show you before the month is over!) so that will go. I was thinking about maybe starting a kiri shawl or a tube-topporini. I just can't seem to make up my mind and I only have a few days to go!

So what types of projects, besides socks, do *you* bring on vacation?