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Heirloom Aran Pullover

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Between blogger being a PITA and just plain needing some time away from the computer I just didn't get around to blogging until now. But I did do something important with my time this weekend...

Pattern: Heirloom Aran Pullover from Knitpicks
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (8 hanks)
Needles: Addi Turbos size 7 and 9, switched to a Crystal Palace Bamboo Circ, size 9 after the first full repeat or so of the back
Knit: 3/21/06-5/7/06
Modifications: None except for a few *ahem* design elements here and there

(Holy crap I look like hell in blog pics lately. Somebody stop me!) Wow. It's finally finished! I don't think I've ever been so happy with a finished object. The seaming and neckband alone took the better part of a day themselves, but I am so happy with the finished product. When I first decided to knit this, I was thinking of a much heavier and more rugged knitted fabric than I was getting with this yarn. But in the end, I'm really happy that it's a bit lighter and softer than I had imagined. I wore it around Princeton Sunday night when it was getting a bit chilly and it was plenty warm despite the cool breeze.

HWJF got that shot while I was fixing my hair and I think it actually shows the cables quite well. Only a couple words of caution with this pattern in case you plan to run out and buy it. The sizing runs small. I made the 40" size and I am by no means a size 40 and it fits me. And I did check my gauge and was right on. The other thing, beware the seed stitch horseshoe cable! While the others *look* more complicated, that one nearly drove me insane.

When I bought this pattern I really thought I would feel like this was my "magnum opus" if you will. I thought that it would be so complicated that when I finished I would feel like I had conquered the world. Well I gotta say, not so much. It was a challenge and it was what I needed at the time I started it, but I don't really feel like it was that monumental. I have a lovely finished garment that I'm very happy with and that's pretty much the end of the story. I guess I have to find something bigger and better for the next time around huh?

More regularly scheduled nonsense coming soon....