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Sleeves and other creatures...

Now that my little blue distraction has been finished I seem to finally be able to turn my attention back to the beast at hand:

Kitty included for scale (of course)

One sleeve done! Does this look sort of look like a big cream cabled sting ray to anyone else?! Or (for the bassoonists in the crowd) an arrowhead plaque? Yeah. Let's just assume it really is a sleeve for now shall we? Knitting these sleeves really isn't so bad. Now that I've got a good start on sleeve number two I can tell you two things with great confidence. There are really only two problems.

Problem number one: The damn thing ends up being 105 stitches across at the widest point. 105! That's huge! At least I think so. That statement alone confirms for me that this is going to be one big cozy sweater. Emphasis on the big part. I've told HWJF that this might come out big enough for us both to wear at the same time. He said I better make two more sleeves. Fat chance dude!

Problem number two: Of those 105 stitches, every freekin one the vast majority of them are worked in seed stitch. I think I'm approaching dizzy from the back and forth. Oye! Wonder why it's taking me a while? Try knitting yourself 105 stitches in seed stitch and throw in a horseshoe cable. Yes. I am insane. Thanks for asking.

And since you already know that, allow me to confirm it for you by making the following statement:

I think I might be able to finish this by the end of the upcoming weekend.

Stop laughing. I can hear you.