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Summer of socks anyone?

Edit: SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED!!! Please check out our progress on the blog.

So I may be getting myself in serious trouble here, but I'm thinking blogland may need a "Summer of Socks" knit / crochet along. After listening to the Knitters review tour of Maryland and seeing some general interest in blogland, I'm thinking the time is right. Besides, those of us in some of the year long sock alongs may need a little mid-year motivation right? I know I set myself a little personal goal of 12 pair for the year and I'm a bit behind so some extra motivation might be good.
So here's the deal:
We will challenge ourselves to see just how many socks we can knit from solstice to solstice (or thereabouts), June 21st to Sept. 21st (I'll be going on vacation in a couple of weeks, so this will give me time to get everything organized before we start). No pressure. Just see what you can accomplish in 3 months. If enough people would be willing to make a small donation along with me, we could have a prize for the person who knits the most pairs in the three month period (they are going to need to replenish the stash after all that sock knitting!). If there are enough donations we could even have a 1st - 3rd prize.
To sign up send an e-mail with the subject "Summer of Socks" to Zarzuela1996 at yahoo dot com with your name and blog URL (you must have a blog so we can see your socks!) by May 26th so I can link to you on the sidebar. Please indicate if you'd like to make a prize donation in your e-mail.
If you are so inclined, we could certainly use a lovely button of some sort. One other thing, if this ends up getting to knitting olympics popularity levels, I could use some assistance from the technically inclined to bail me out when my inbox explodes! So please indicate any willingness to help in your e-mail too.
Now to sit back and find out just how much trouble I'm in...