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More excitement!

Just a quicky update on what's going around here. First and most importantly, I got a text message this morning at 8am that J. is on her way to the hospital! [See this entry if you have no idea what I'm talking about.] Now lord knows these things can take a while but the fact that she could have her baby on an SnB night just totally cracks me up! Good thing we got that blanket to her last week!!

Second, I finished A Good Bias last night! I think it really turned out nicely. You will have to wait for pictures though because I'm actually going to have another human being around and they are going to be forced to take them for me. :)

The best part is that other human being just happens to be my Mom! She's coming out today for an early Mother's Day present. We got tickets to Stomp for tonight in Waterbury. I've seen them before, but she hasn't and has wanted to for some time. I heard a radio station giving away tickets on the way to my gig last Friday, so I looked it up this weekend and actually managed to get tickets. I'm so excited! Not only do I get to hang with Mom for a whole day but I get to see Stomp again. Kick ass!

On the project front my next big goal is to FINISH MARIAH OR ELSE!! I really want to be able to wear this to bassoon camp so I'm hoping to finish the knitting this weekend and then I can bother a certain other blogger ::cough::Eklectica::cough:: for zipper assistance. Jodi was nice enough to redo the pattern to fix a little yoke decrease problem. The only problem for me is that it requires binding off some stitches on the pieces before you join them. I already sewed up my seams and I'm too stubborn to take them out and do this right so I'm going to have to come up with something on my own. This could be dangerous.

Well enough blogging for today. I've gotta get cleaning! My mom's gonna be here in a few hours!!

Happy Wednesday!