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A little local knitalong...

Somehow in all the craziness I have yet to talk about the big project that is currently on the needles. In January of this year (was it really that long ago already?!) Sami, Sneaksleep, K.U. and myself all piled in the car for a road trip to Morehouse Farm in Milan, NY. They have some really fabulous stuff and we certainly couldn't go home empty handed. Sami, Sneaksleep and I all ended up with the kit for their Lace Cardigan. Now being the bunch of busy girls we are with plenty of things to do in our personal and professional lives (not to mention enough projects on the needles to keep us busy most of the time) we only cast on recently (was it May? I can't seem to remember at this point). Here's my progress so far:

Sometimes I seriously can't believe I'm making this thing. Look how thin the yarn is!

It's like knitting with dental floss or something. Crazy! One thing we were all happy to discover was while the pattern called for size 3 needles it turned out that none of us could get close to gauge on anything less than size 7. I really can't imagine what that would have been like on top of the tiny yarn.

All of us are in what I'm affectionately calling "increase hell" at the moment.

The sweater is a top down raglan with 5 sections separated by markers. On the knit side you increase one stitch before the marker and in the third stitch after the marker (which is a bit hard to remember at times as we have all found out). On the purl side you just purl across. It makes for a nearly mindless knit which I'm enjoying on one level and hating on another. You start with about 16 stitches before the first marker and have to increase until there are 67 before the first marker but you only increase one stitch every other row there! Do you understand "increase hell" now? I have about 52 stitches so far so I'm nearly there...but it still seems a long way off. (And no, I'm not going to do the math to find out just how many more rows I need.) So far, this pattern definitely makes for good social knitting.

Hopefully I'll be able to get to Rhinebeck this year to visit Morehouse again and see all there is to see. I mean, I grew up 45 min. away from where it's held and I've never been! Definitely need to fix that! Anyone else planning on going?

Edit: I just edited the misspelled links to Sneaksleep's blog. Sorry about that!!