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The purple binge continues

Happy Thursday all! Thanks so much for all the nice comments on Cable 8! I was really worried that it was too tight on me or too bulky but you all seem to think otherwise and that certainly makes me happy. She had her public debut last night at SnB#1 and the opinions were much the same. HWJF even said she was cute. :) Just for the record, she took all of four skeins of cotton ease and a bit of two more. I'm really starting to wonder what I'm going to do with all these partial skeins of cotton ease!

On to the next

As Chrissie so cleverly pointed out in her comment on my last post, purple seems to be cropping up around here a lot. While wearing cable 8 yesterday look what else I had with me:

Do we see a theme here or what? I guess purple is my substitute when I can't have blue or want to branch out in my color scheme a bit.

Speaking of Branching Out...

(Simba insisted on being the scarf model today. Don't ask me why. She's a cat. That's reason enough.)

Meet my new project. Branching Out from Susan published on Knitty. I've been wanting to do this for a while and finally got the opportunity. When looking through the stash the other night I was hoping to (finally) start crocheting the felted bag from the last Interweave Crochet issue but I didn't feel like I had enough colors of Lamb's pride worsted to make it worth while (anyone want to trade for some cotton ease?!) and then I remembered this pattern. I originally had bought some Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint from Knit Picks (see, it really wasn't supposed to be purple!) but when I tried to work with it I just couldn't seem to get the needles working with it. Then I saw this lone skein of Paton's Classic leftover from last year and thought this might make a nice scarf to go with this hat (well, you can kind of see it in that pic) that I made then. I really love this yarn. It's so springy and nice to work with.

I'm doing a couple of things I don't usually do with this. First, I'm using straight needles! I almost never use straights anymore (being a confirmed Addi Addict!) but I found these in my needle roll and they are short enough not to bother my hands when I use them. They seem just right for this scarf.

Second, I wound the ball on the ball winder but instead of pulling from the center, I'm using it from the outside like Wendy mentioned in this post. I've gotta say I kind of like the fact that the ball isn't collapsing and making a big mess, but it does tend to roll around a bit more.

This is definitely a great pattern. I just love watching the little leaves emerge as I go. Lace knitting can be so interesting. The only problem is it is definitely not social knitting. I tried to do a few rows last night at SnB and got it all screwed up so I went back to working on my socks. Hopefully I'll finish this up in the next couple of days and have a post blocking pic soon.

Pittsburgh pic

And just because I finally got some of the pictures and I can. Here's a shot of me and the happy bride during my recent trip to Pittsburgh.

(Pssst...note the color of my dress!)

Now if we had only brought cameras to the salon in the morning...