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The countdown continues...

Yesterday I was treated by my coworkers to some yummy Thai food for my "farewell" luncheon. It was so nice to have almost all the staff there. I'm still in shock about all this. I can't believe I'm leaving Yale after five years between school and working at the music library. It just doesn't seem possible. And as if treating me to lunch wasn't enough they also gave me all of this:

I've been eyeing one of these little animals with the Yale shirt for quite some time and it was so cool that they picked this out for me. The iTunes and Barnes & Noble gift cards will definitely come in handy too since they will contribute to train entertainment. I've worked with great people for the last 3.5 years and I'm definitely sorry I have to leave. I think the bulldog is going on my new desk. Tomorrow is my last day and since I'm getting a little choked up just thinking about it, I'm not going to think about it.

Socktoberfest is chugging along over at Lolly's. There are some great prizes being offered now too. But the best part is a finished pair of socks and that is something I finally have. Take a look:

My fluted banisters are done! I love this pattern and I love this yarn. I used Silja on size 2 addis and reduced the original number of cast-on stitches to 60 from 80. They are still a tiny bit loose for my liking, but a wash may change that even if the yarn is 80% superwash wool/20% nylon. Overall I'm really happy with them and can't wait to wear them with their intended matching sweater (when I manage to find the sweater!)

Next up will be a pair from the Trekking yarn I showed you in this post. I'm taking the advice left in the comments that Lolly and Ann left and sticking with my size 2 addis. I'm also going to go ahead and split the yarn into two balls thanks to the advice of Rebekkah and the loan of a scale from Sami. I think I'd like to do these toe up with the guidance of Crazy Toes and Heels but I'd like to do another interesting cuff pattern. Crazy Toes and Heels has instructions for a pretty eyelet rib pattern that I'm considering. In my quest for free sock patterns I had completely forgotten about the Townsend Socks Knitalong. There are some great patterns there that I'm definitely going to check out.

For now it's on to take care of more things that need to be done before I start the new job this coming Monday. EEek!