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Experiencing technical difficulties...

Just to let y'all know, my hard drive crashed Monday morning. :( I am therefore without a computer and Internet access except during work hours. Blogging at work ain't exactly kosher so I'll be back when I can. You can still reach me by e-mail if you so desire since I can do that at work and on my cell phone. Ain't technology grand?!?

Be back soon... I hope.

Neglected blog

I have been neglecting my blog. I've been back in CT for almost a week now and just haven't known what to write so I'll warn you in advance that this post may be A) boring, B) depressing or C) both.

My trip to Maryland went well but I was very happy to come back to CT. The weather down there was so hot and sticky that when I walked off the train in New Haven and it was 95 degrees it felt cool. That is just not right. So now it's back to the hurry up and wait game. My life really seems to be in a holding pattern right now. The job search is pretty much stalled as there simply isn't anything else to apply for right now. Oh there are jobs, but I'm either not qualified or not interested. For now I wait to hear from my last interview and see what happens. I'm also hoping to hear back from some of the other places I've applied soon, but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm also a bit unhappy about my living situation. I found out the day that I left for bassoon camp that I have to move no matter what happens with the job search. My apartment complex was sold to a new management company that is no longer allowing pets. I'm certainly not trading Simba in for new windows and better landscaping, so we need to find a new home. I've been in my current place about two years (which I'm said to say is a new record for me since starting college 9 years ago) and I really like it which makes it even harder to leave. Most of the other complexes in the area don't allow pets, so that is making it really difficult. I'm also feeling like I should wait to really start looking until after the beginning of July (when I should hopefully have had some job news) but I'm just not sure what to do. The biggest problem, I have way too much stuff and can't afford movers. My parents, who are more than willing to help, are pushing 60 at this point and really shouldn't be killing themselves with yet another move for me, but I can't do it all on my own. I am planning on having a yard sale to get a rid of a few things (and may even be putting up some yarn and crafty things on here, I'll be sure to let you all know!) but I still have a lot to move. I guess the good news is I don't have to be out until the end of August. That at least gives me some time.

I'm a little sad today about missing Father's Day too. I had a gig this weekend and couldn't get home because the concert was last night and I had rehearsals Friday and Saturday night. Mind you, Dad would be the first one to say "Take the Gig!", but I still hate missing these things. I guess that's part of the reason I really want to stay in this area, I can get home on weekends if I have time.

Do you ever go outside of your usual routine, and then when you get back to it you aren't sure you like it so much? That's happened to me a lot recently. I'm not sure if I need to re-evaluate or just realize that yes, life is in a holding pattern at the moment, but this too will pass. Maybe I just think too much.

For the library science crowd

In library news I have a not so funny story and a funny story:

Not so funny - I didn't go to work on Friday because our building was threatened with a bomb scare. It shut down the whole block from 8am until I don't know when. I watched the noon news on Friday and they still weren't letting anyone near the building so I decided not to wait around. I'm sure I'll hear all about what happened today. All I do know is that nothing actually blew up and I'm quite happy about that. Two years ago, a bomb was planted at the Law School (which is just across the street) and that was not the case. No one was hurt, but it is still frightening to think about what could have happened.

Funny - I had confirmation last week that I should not work in public services. One afternoon, an older gentleman walks into my office. I'd say he was at least 50 years old. I was the only person working in the front part of the office, but our rare book reading room is off to one side of that office and is fully visible. The man looked at me, then went into the reading room and asked a researcher if she was a librarian. When she responded no, I asked him if I could help him. To which he responded,

"Yes. Is there someone older around?"

You can imagine my shock but I passed him off to one of our para-professionals that was sitting at her desk in the back of the office and the only other person around. All the "real librarians" were at a meeting so it was just the two of us in the office. She helped him with his questions (which were certainly nothing I couldn't handle) and sent him on his way. After he left, we both started laughing. Apparently I am not old enough to know anything even though I am actually the proud owner of an MLS!! I can't possibly be a librarian because I'm under 40 and don't wear sensible shoes or put my hair in a bun!! You can imagine the jokes that ensued, especially when my boss got back and heard about the incident. He suggested I dye my hair gray or something. It just goes to show you...

this is why I want to be a cataloger!!

Actual Knitting Content

Now if you've made it this far I feel as though I should reward you with some knitting content. So here is another FO which I've spent most of my time on since returning from camp:

(As usual, my self photography is absolutely fabulous...NOT!)

My Unfeltable "A Good Bias" or AGB 2.0

I'm really glad I liked this pattern or I would have really hated knitting this again. While it isn't quite as nice as the alpaca silk version was, the cotton ease seems to be a good fit too. Hopefully I won't find a way to destroy this one.

You may find this hard to believe, but I currently have absolutely nothing on the needles. Shocking, yes. I do plan to remedy that later today however. Perhaps a new project will help me overcome blog neglect. Stay tuned...

WWKIP Day and Remote Blogging

Yesterday was World Wide Knitting in Public Day and SnB New Haven certainly wasn't going to miss that! Only four of us turned up but it was still a nice couple of hours. A cool breeze came in from L.I. Sound and made it a comfortable outing. I worked on my Reincarnation of "A Good Bias" while Sami worked on her Morehouse Cardi, K.U. worked on some granny squares and A.J. was working on a tape yarn cardi. When it started to sprinkle a bit we had to move from our nice corner near the art gallery to a nearby archway where I got this pic:

We even had a few passers-by talk to us a bit and some Japanese tourists took our picture! All in all a good day.

Afterward there was food with chopsticks with Sami, ice cream with Sami, R.B. and her brother and his roommate and a little hanging out at the New Haven Arts and Ideas Festival. Definitely a good way to be distracted from an impending trip.

Speaking of trips, I'm currently blogging from Maryland and taking advantage of free high speed Internet to get this post up. I had a lovely train ride where I basically slept or was working on AGB. I'm hoping to have at least the first sleeve done by the time I arrive back in New Haven on Tuesday.

And just because I already miss her, here's a spontaneous Simba pic for your enjoyment:

That's my girl. Always clowning around!

See you back in CT....

A two FO night

Thanks to all who have welcomed me back and congratulated me on the degree posting. It's amazing how that kind of good news can give you a serious attitude adjustment! I'm now feeling much more "back to normal" and it really isn't a bad thing.

Of course a healthy dose of SnB can also help you feel better about anything. I got that in last night and I also managed to come away with TWO finished objects! This first one is my diagonal scarf:

Details: Diagonal Scarf from leaflet 82189
Made with 2 balls Reynolds Fusion on size 9 Addis

This was my "purse project" for many moons and I finally just needed to be done with it. Although my gauge got a little wonky in spots (probably due to putting it down for so long in between sessions) I think it's fine and since it's only for me...who cares?!? Needless to say I won't be wearing it outside my air conditioned apartment any time soon thanks to the near 90 degree heat around here.

The second project I also won't be wearing for a while:

Details: Toe up socks using calculations from Crazy Toes and Heels
Made with Lion Brand Magic Stripes on size 3 Addis

My first toe up socks! I think they came out pretty well and they fit really nicely. (And for those that notice these things, no I don't care that they don't "match". That's what variegated yarn is all about!) I'll be very happy to have them come fall.

So what's next? Well, I had planned to start an *unfeltable* shrug at camp and didn't get to it so I think I'll start that at SnB v.2 tonight. I've also realized that another friend is getting married in a little over a month so I need to get started on an afghan. I think that will have to wait until after next week's short trip to Maryland though.

And speaking of the D.C. area, I just realized this morning that during my day long stay in the Washington area on the way back from bassoon camp I was only a couple of blocks from Knit Happens and didn't even know it!! Perhaps the knitting/crocheting gods were upset that I didn't do much at camp? Oh well. Next time I'm in Old Town Alexandria I won't let it happen again!

One other quick note: Now that I've finally gone through all my mail a BIG THANK YOU to Heidi who was nice enough to send me some audio books when she heard I had graduated and might have some time on my hands. Thanks so much for thinking of me! I can't wait to listen to them (maybe on my train ride this weekend). And I really hope to meet you some time since you're only just up the road!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Edit: There is now a link to a proper finished pic of my booga bag in the left sidebar if you really want to see it.

It's finally official!!!!! :)



My degree was posted this morning. The insane happy dance that ensued scared Simba!

If you need to find me, I'll be floating on cloud nine for the rest of the day....

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

I have returned. Yes it's true. I just have to keep telling myself that. I had a wonderful time at Bassoon Camp and the trip to D.C. with the fam was great too (although a bit soggy). My transition back to reality has been anything but great. I was able to ignore my cares for two weeks and they seem to have blown up and slapped me around since I arrived back in CT last night. Such is life I suppose.

Shockingly, very little knitting was done while I was gone. I made progress on the diagonal scarf and socks but haven't taken pics yet to show you.

What I do have is old stuff that wouldn't post before I left. I did some felting before I left for camp (on purpose this time). My booga bag is done and was the happy carrier of what little I did while I was gone.

Here it is before felting:

And during blocking:

An attempt was made to put rivets in where the handles would go but that proved to be more than me and my Dad could figure out before I left. A proper finished picture will be supplied soon.

And that is where I'm at this moment. I have about ten billion feeds to catch up on in my bloglines and I haven't put much baggage away so I best be off to do that. Here's one vacation photo for you in the meantime:

View from the top of Mt. Mitchell